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Treeble Septuor n°hap
opening extract

2006->35th Poznan Internatinal Sculpture Triennial

11 oct to 2 nov in Polonia
Poznan 2006 Internatinal Sculpture Triennial

opening night

Treeble septuor Instrumental multimedia sculpture for 7 DJ soloists
200 x 190 x 160 cm
2006 Concert Live with the spectators.


Francoise Monnin, art historian talk about LLND’s work

(...) Mobile Art Works, The Spectator As Partner

The mobile headed towards recognition during the 20th century. Calder in particular invited the spectator to activate his sculptures, of a simple push. Tinguely proposed, to the sons and daughters of a spectator, to press on an electric pedal, or to play with the sculpture by sending balloons to it, for example, which it quickly returned. Some abstract artists, Longhobardi, in particular, have in the same time exhibited abstract compositions of modules, recomposables ad infinitum. It would still be necessary to point out the steps of the painters and the kinetic sculptors - see Soto or Cruz Diez - requiring of the spectator a displacement in relation to the work, so that this one is metamorphosed... ... Since the fifties, the fundamental interaction between work and the glance related to work were thus incarnated. Last branch of the family tree, in top of which the productions of the LLND bloom: : the inventions of the Fluxus group, like the Flux Kits, made up in 1965 of publications, partitions, poems, additions, inkpads or of lucky bags and bottles of dirty water...All in one box. The word kit appeared in French in 1958 and comes from English kit (itself coming from Dutch kitte), meaning wooden bucket being used to transport milk, fish or laundry... Extended by metonymy to a batch of articles which constituted the equipment of the soldier (1785) then a necessary pack to travel (1833) or a set of tools (1833). Since, the word kit was introduced in connection with a whole set of sold elements accompanied by a plan of assembly which one can assemble oneself.


By the way, LLND: Laurent Lettrée and Nathalie Delpech are a successful assembly! To make a long story short, Laurent lived in the United States and composes electroacoustic music. "Constructor of sound" as they call him, he handles with happiness the random acts. Nathalie comes from cartoon film making. She has worked on special effects for television and created video clips for various music composers. While only thirty years old, they have already exhibited at the City of Sciences and Industry in Paris, the Biennial of Contemporary Art of Shanghai and Venice and this autumn, at the Biennial of Poznan. The borders of Komamvadac are undoubtedly very elastic. If their four dimensions call out to the five senses, they relate even more to the majority. (...)

Francoise Monnin’ text, extract of Kit Art 2006 by LLND, eds Anne Lettrée


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