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Third Life

The 303 is my first electronic sound machine since 1995.

After getting a lot of great uses

out of it, i decided to open it to

get more out of it. I added knobs, and swithches. Realising i was once again pre-formating The 303 to play a certain ways, i decided to take off all added parts and to simply trigger reactions by pocking her using various conductive elements...

This is the way i recorded the tracks you can listen to.

The 303 is Free and speaks her owne words.

Don’t think circuit bending came to me genuinely...i was first shown by shawn Mc Millan with whom we toguether started the electro-noize band called ATMOSFERATU, and latter Andy Bolus aka evil Moisture helped me figure a few things out,and mostly the fact that circuit-bending is more a way of thinking than a kraft of elektroniks. .

M.P.3 à télécharger :

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