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*Laurent Lettrée, born in 1977
He makes his studies at the university of Charleston in the United States. His passion for the sound is stronger than all and will be the principal engine of his artistic research. Explorer of the sound and his multiple frequencies and rhythmic variations, he composes by using analogical machines and objects which he diverts and transforms into instruments. While taking as a starting point random acts and results, he creates abstract dreamlike soundscapes so that the spectator feels free in a multisensorial voyage. His affiliation with the « nouveau realist » art movement confirmed his skill as manufacturer of sounds to translate the abstractions in art into music.
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* Nathalie Delpech, born in 1972
Impassioned of literature, art and social sciences, she studies the Visuals Arts. Continues her course at the « Art Décoratif » in Paris with a diploma in Cinema-Animation Cartoon-Video and a specialization in synthesized image, special effect.
Her video animations and her graphic art are often percieved as a poetic meeting of the psychadelism and surrealism. With strong colors and forms borrowed from a revisited reality, she gives life to the inanimate objects. Her hybrid characters struggle within situations « dramati-cocasses » in a colored and absurd universe. This unexpected ensemble plunges us in a reflexion on the inconsistency of the world while keeping us smiling.

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