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« Animated Fragments n°1 »
« Animated Fragments n°1 »
Interactive sonorous installation with PC, mini camera, sensitive carpet, PC, sonorous box,, iron board, magnetized fragments. 130 x 130 cm 2006

2005->Kit Art & KAFMOLADCA

In 2005, * LLND invented the Kit Art & KAFMOLADCA

"Kit Authorizing Flexible Multiform Objects Live Art and Development of the Creative Act"

The KAFMOLADCA is an emancipation of untouchable and immutable art exceeding the formal intension of the single mental projection of the author. In the line of the movement of the mobile art started in the Thirties, this proposal, of didactic vision of the work of the artist, is organized around composite instruments with variable articulations, worked out to wake up the artistic consciousness. The creative process opens a spacio-temporal breach in which the brain creates bonds between its thoughts and matter. It is this state of illumination, where space and time dissolve to form an idea, which we want to communicate to the spect-actor. The elements of the Kit Art are connected with macro-atoms of which the assembly can, if it functions, form a stable and evolutionary molecular structure as their installations, which offer a multiplicity of assemblies. Each module evolves according to external stimulus, in a coherent unit, sometimes attracting itself or pushing back themselves but always forming a whole. The confrontation of its visual or sound fragments triggers a "will in chain" to continue the experiment of creation and to achieve a personal or collective work of art. To stimulate the artistic vibratory wave of each one, by emission of information and transmission of energy, is at the centre of the KAFMOLADCA.


Françoise Monnin, art historian, writes about the Kit Art

(…) All is Relative

Playful and philosophical, the productions of LLND renews the share of incompletion, specific to the modern work of art, inaugurated by the watercolours of Turner and Cézanne. Since all is from now relative, it is up to the spectator to imagine from the modules, which are offered to him, the adequate bonds! "A painting is an organization, a whole of relations between forms (lines, colour surfaces) on which come to be made and demolished by the meaning that one imagines", wrote the artist Pierre Soulages in 1948, reaffirming the essential role of the personality of the spectator. A role theorized thirty years earlier by the brilliant Marcel Duchamp when he said "It is the spectator who makes the painting." Since then, in relation with works of art, the role has changed from spectator to partner. LLND is a part of all of us. (…)

(text of Françoise Monnin extract of Kit Art ‘s book)


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